Key Tenets

Our Vision is to have a projected development and expansion of the market share in ship management and to play a dominant role in the product and bulk chemical market.

Our Mission is to manage vessels in a safe and environmently friendly manner, to high quality standards in accordance with the industry's and the Major Oil Companies' requirements and to provide a reliable service to clients.

Our core values include:

i. Quality

ii. Management through Continous Training

iii. Collaboration

Our Business Objectives

Our business objectives include technically managing our fleet in accordance with the Tanker Management Self Assessment and other industry requirements; maintaining the vessels under management in line with the highest industry standards, thereby safeguarding their value, the Company's reputation, the welfare of those who work on or about them and minimasing the risk of environmental pollution. The Company aims to provide customer satisfaction to its clients with a first-class marine transportation service and therby develop long-term, mutually beneficial commercial relationships. The Company is committed to complying with customer and third party requirements and to continue to measure customer satisfaction.

Our Business Targets:

i. Zero Injury

ii. Zero Loss of Life

iii. Zero Environmental Pollution